About Us

Welcome to The Dipti Foundation (DF)

Poverty Alleviation and Empowering Marginalize Community People.


Creating a just society, where everybody respective of their caste, creed, sex, religion, social or political affiliation will live in peace and harmony under the bond of universal value of love and compassion manifested by our God.

A transformed community will live together with dignity, equity, justice, peace and hope.


Building the capacities of individuals, families and communities to reach their full potential, mental, moral, social and economic well being through a participatory, just and sustainable development process.

Core Values

“Love your neighbor as yourself” – James 2:8


The objectives of DF are to render a wide range of professional services to accelerate the pace of socio-economic development of the country. These are:

  1. To assist in the development initiative through community group for socio-economic development; especially for disadvantage community people i.e. marginalized people, old aged, children, women.
  2. To encourage young people to be community volunteers and train them in their roles for the society and also to engage or link with national and international volunteers’ groups for betterment of volunteerism.
  3. Establish community base organizations e.g. school, orphan homes, clinic, hospital etc. for betterment of most vulnerable community people.
  4. Creating opportunities for involving resource-poor underprivileged community in resource management, bio-diversity conservation of micro environment and sustainable agriculture practices and optimum resource extraction.
  5. Enabling resource poor communities to sustain their livelihood through improved production technology, access to market outlets, enhancing productivity of resource base and human labor.
  6. Building up capacity of the underprivileged community to ensure good governance and conserve human rights through social movement, policy advocacy and institutional linkage.
  7. To undertake humanitarian support and effective response to any devastating situation which occurs in the area of the vulnerable affected community; so, they will be better able to cope with and adapt to shocks.
  8. To help combat social problems like dowry, polygamy, and early marriage etc through empowering women in their families and community through engaging in economic sectors, ensure rights, freedom from violence and their access to and influence within, social and political space.
  9. To promote advocacy, lobby and seek alliances for policy formulations and behavioral changes of relevant organizations and institutions and of the poor and disadvantaged population in Bangladesh.
  10. Sensitize the local community to conservation of the micro environment and sustainable agriculture practices.
  11. To seek and receive subscriptions, donations and other supports from persons, institutions or organizations, both from home and abroad and use the same for the purposes of the NDF.

To develop a training center with proper accommodation facilities for providing training staff, project stakeholders or development partners’ for developing their capacity and skill in development areas.

Our Strategy

  • To be built community people as human resource; especially children and women from marginalize community.
  • Conserving human rights and promoting good-governance,
  • Building up peoples’ organization and leadership development,  To develop community owned and managed institutions to sustain the livelihood activities
  • Consider gender, Equity and Environment as integral issues.
  • To established neighborhood community by increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • To create safe home place through Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Response program. 
  • To develop community based models for natural resource management in order to protect and use the resources for sustainable development
  • To work in collaboration with the government and the industry along with non government domestic and international development organizations

Our Guiding Principles

Dipti Foundation is belief that to empowering the marginalized poor people of Bangladesh need to improve their social status through economic and educational conditions. The following Guiding Principles DF is execution of its Mission:

  • DF’s commitment is to people in under-served communities in Bangladesh. The organization works to maintain trust, foster community participation and remain accountable to beneficiaries.
  • DF operates in accordance with the four major humanitarian principles:
  • Humanity: Human suffering must be addressed whenever it is found. The purpose of humanitarian action is to protect life and health and ensure respect for human beings.
  • Neutrality: Humanitarian actors must not take sides in hostilities or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
  • Impartiality: Humanitarian action must be carried out on the basis of need alone, giving priority to the most urgent cases of distress and making no distinctions on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political opinions.
  • Operational Independence: Humanitarian action must be autonomous from the political, economic, military or other objectives that any actors may hold with regard to areas where humanitarian action is being implemented.

Target Groups: DF’s target group is always the marginalized community people, most disadvantaged segments of the society especially women, children and calamity-stricken people.

Management: Any adult citizen of Bangladesh engaged in any profession and with initiative and enthusiasm for social welfare is eligible to become 15 members of DF General Body. General members elect a five-members as Executive Committee for a period of two-years from amongst themselves in accordance with procedures specified in the Constitution.

The Executive Committee formulates the policies and appoints an Executive Director/ Program Director who are full time staffs of the organization responsible for execution of the policies. He is supported by a group of committed and professional staffs. The Program Director being the Chief Executive Officer of the organization is also the member-secretary of the Executive Committee and is the linkage between policy formulation and execution.

Organizational Structure of the Society

General Board (Honorably member of Society) > Executive Board (President/Chairman & members) >  Director (Paid worker) > Program Staff (Paid worker)