Dipti Foundation is a non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, and charitable NGO in Bangladesh. We work to create a just society where people will live in a safe environment, resilient to natural disasters.

Volunteer with Dipti Foundation to help DF reach the greatest need of the poor marginalize people of Bangladesh. Join us, and you can help to positive social change in Bangladesh where need is greatest.

DF need your help to keep the environment safe for human being by planting an environment-friendly tree, speaking up to stop the pollution of air, river, channel, etc. promotion of using organic fertilizer, “Build Back Better” of natural disaster.  You can be the most dedicated and active volunteer to create a disaster resilience community for the most vulnerable areas of Bangladesh. You can influence policymakers and local government to protect the vulnerable community. You are the ones who can transform vulnerable people’s lives and help build a safer Bangladesh.

We are one team and believe in volunteers and staff collaborating across the organization and in every area of our work. The enormous range of skills, experience, and expertise volunteers bring makes us stronger as an organization.

We are developing and learning from one another to shape our work. We encourage the enthusiasm and ambition of our volunteers so that, together, we can create lasting change for humans.

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